ISO 9001 :2015 certification

Centrifuged Cast Sheet

Polyurethane centrifuged cast-sheets

Special order from Fimor France

Fimor France produces several thousand sheets of polyurethane elastomers annually by centrifugation under the “serilor®” brand.  This process guarantees an optimal distribution of the material and surface conditions free of defects (scratches, bubbles) as well as a perfect homogeneity in the thickness of the sheets.
The formula is guaranteed free of banned phthalates and mercury catalysts, in compliance with REACH, RoHS and PaHS standards.

Fimor’s polyurethane centrifuged cast-sheets are resistant to wear, chemicals, mechanical stress, UV, hydrolysis…
(check for specifications if required)

One of Fimor’s specialities is the co-lamination of multiple hardness combining the damping properties of low hardness PU with the strength and elasticity of higher hardness PU.

Different surface profiles can be obtained by moulding or machining to give polyurethane sheets anti-slip properties.

  • Precision cast, high grade surface finish sheets are available in standard size 20” or 40” wide x 144” long (500mm or 1000mm x 3660mm).
  • They can be pre-cut in custom sizes.
  • Thickness from 1/16” up to 1/2 inch (1.6mm to 12.7mm in centrifugation)
  • Hardness from 35 to 93 shA.
  • Single or multi layers possible up to 5 hardness combinations on the same sheet.
  • Multiple colour options include red, green, blue, white, natural, brown, black, orange, yellow or other on request.
  • Cutting or stamping into strips, blades or other 2-dimensional shapes is possible.