ISO 9001 :2015 certification

Urethane wheels for recycling centers

Urestar® polyurethane “finger” wheels

There are used to separate paper from recycled waste in single-flow recycling screens

Developed during a 2-year research program, the urestar® wheels, patented by LANXESS USA, combine highly abrasion-resistant ADIPRENE® polyurethane with an optimized design.

An 18-month comparative test campaign with conventional rubber at the RIRRC – Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation showed that urestar® wheels have a longevity more than 2x longer in the impact areas, and 6 to 8 times longer in the upper areas.

The urestar® model manufactured by FIMOR/Harkness Industries has a slit on the side that allows the wheel to be installed by opening it on the shaft and tightening it with a screw, which is certainly an advantage for assembly and disassembly compared to “solid design” wheels that must be slid from the side on the shaft. The bright orange color is a choice to facilitate visual inspection of the part.

The improved performance quickly saves more than 25% compared to traditional rubber star wheels and reduces maintenance downtime.

Currently fimor offers two 2 models with different finger widths:urestar® 6330-60 and 6330-45

The return roller

There are used to support the conveyor belts from below when it returns

The rollers are made of highly wear-resistant polyurethane, with a hardness of 75 shA as standard.

Bright orange color makes it easy to visually inspect the wheels

Cast polyurethane discs are mounted onto metal return roller shafts and provide extended lifetime in many applications such as Recycling, Materials handling, Mining, Aggregate, Oil sands, Industrial etc:

  • Radiused edges on the ID and the OD to facilitate mounting on shaft
  • Exceptional wear resistance and cut/tear strength
  • Low heat buildup when running at high speeds
  • Ability to withstand temperature variations and wet/dry environments

Two diameters, 105 and 148 mm, are currently available as standard.