ISO 9001 :2015 certification

Squeegees and sheet for clean​

Cleaning industry

The serilor® CLEAN brand has been the polyurethane industry standard used in cleaning applications such as « squeegees » and “blades” for a wide variety of scrubbers because it has many advantages versus natural rubber.

  • PU’s high wear resistance is a key factor for perfect drying.
  • The wide range of PU hardness and thickness allow the squeegee to be optimized for both the machine type and cleaning application while natural rubber is commonly limited to a single hardness.
  • Natural rubber squeegee performance varies due to environmental and chemical expose.  Changing to PU increases the life time of the squeegees mainly when used on floors stained by oils and other chemicals such as aggressive cleaning agents.

serilor® CLEAN offers the best price-performance ratio on the market and our PU product line is not subject to the fluctuations of the world market for natural rubber.

Examples of use: Squeegees for scrubbers, anti-projection skirts.